Marc-Olivier Therrien

CEO of ONYX Technologies

I’m a physically active, 240lbs sweaty dude usually and have been struggling with finding the right deodorant solution for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if it’s because THREEANGL is organic or not but I sweat less than with grocery-store-bought deodorant... and even if I skip a day, I still don’t get stinky... AWESOME product!

Gabrielle Drouin

Communications Advisor &
Community Relations HEC Montreal

I’ve tried different brands of natural deodorants in the past few years, but none have really worked. Each time I came back to antiperspirants, until I tried THREEANGL ! I have been using it daily for over 3 months and I finally found what I’ve been looking for: made from natural ingredients and effective!

Emmanuel Cameron

Co-Founder of Continuums

Your deodorant is really awesome! Super satisfied, keep up the good work ;-)

Christelle Rey

Coordinator National Bank Accelerator - HEC Montréal

I’ve been trying to reduce my ecological footprint by reducing my waste. So I was won over by THREEANGL deodorants which are not only made from natural ingredients but are also available in reusable containers. This product has won me over !


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